fxcalc 1.0.13

fxcalc version 1.0.13, Copyright © 2000-2004,2010 Dustin Graves <dgraves@computer.org>
fxcalc comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. This is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it under certain conditions; see the GNU GPL for details.

fxcalc is a platform independent scientific calculator, capable of 128-bit floating point math, and distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License. It uses the FOX Platform Independent GUI Toolkit written by Jeroen van der Zijp, and the doubledouble floating point math library written by Keith Martin Briggs (a version of doubledouble is packaged with fxcalc; there is no need to obtain it separately).



fxcalc currently provides these features (in addtion to numeric operations):

  • 64-bit integer operations
  • 128-bit floating point operations (using the doubledouble library)
  • Digit grouping
  • Can cut/paste data to/from the clipboard
  • Supports drag and drop of numbers between the calculator and other applications, and between the calculator and its statistics box
  • Uses tooltips in a sort of Balloon help style to show descriptions of the different functions
  • Context sensitive help (Microsoft "What's this?" style pop-up menu) to request a description of an Item's functionality



Name Date Size
Windows Executable: fxcalc-win32.zip 11 Dec 2010 372KB
Latest Source: fxcalc-1.0.13.tar.gz 11 Dec 2010 179KB


Source Repository

A public Git repository containing the source code is available at GitHub: fxcalc repository.



The following third party software libraries are required to build the latest fxcalc source code:

  • FOX version 1.6 available here.



fxcalc screen shots from an SGI Octane showing 64-bit digit grouped numbers, the statistics box, and scientific mode:

IRIX Screen Shot

fxcalc screen shot from Linux showing the preferences dialog:

Linux Screen Shot

fxcalc screen shots from Windows 2000 showing context sensitive help in standard mode:

Windows Screen Shot - Help Menu

Windows Screen Shot - Help

fxcalc is Copyright © 2000-2004,2010 Dustin Graves <dgraves@computer.org>

This software uses the FOX Platform Independent GUI Toolkit Library. The FOX Library is Copyright © 1997,2000-2003 Jeroen van der Zijp and is available freely under the GNU Lesser General Public License at the following site:


This software uses version 2.2 of the`doubledouble' software package which implements doubled-double (approximately 30 decimal place) floating point arithmetic on IEEE 754 floating-point hardware. The doubledouble library is Copyright © 1997 Keith Martin Briggs and is available freely under the GNU General Public License at the following site: