libcdlyte 1.0.0

libcdlyte is a fork of version 0.99.4 of the libcdaudio portable C library for playing audio CDs and retrieving CD information from CDDB compatible services such as freedb.  It was developed for use with the fxcd portable CD player application.  Modifications applied after the fork include:

  • Support for Microsoft Windows
  • Rewrite of the CDDB code with full SMTP and HTTP submission capability
  • New internal memory management model (no more fixed size arrays for CD info; may address this bug)
  • Addition of test programs to exercise the CD player and CDDB capability (including SMTP and HTTP emulators for testing CDDB submission capability)
  • Removal of CDindex support
  • Removal of CD changer support
  • General bug fixes, code reorganization, and simplification

libcdlyte should continue to work with all operating systems supported by libcdaudio, with the addition of support for Microsoft Windows.  It continues to be licensed with the GNU LGPL v2 license.  



Name Date Size
Current Source: libcdlyte-1.0.0.tar.gz 11 Dec 2010 337KB


Source Repository

A public Git repository containing the source code is available at GitHub: libcdlyte repository.